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Welcome to The Generation of Promise Program

For the past 22 years the Generation of Promise Program has provided a unique, year long experience for high school juniors who have demonstrated leadership potential. It raises their understanding of metropolitan Detroit and gives them sustained interaction with students of different backgrounds.


At its core, the Promise Program changes lives by expanding horizons and empowering participating students to view "community" as something much greater than their neighborhood and circle of friends. The experience better prepares students to meet the challenges and opportunities of leadership in a diverse world. A recently completed independent evaluation by Wayne State University corroborates this belief and highly commends the Promise Program on the essential attitudinal changes it is achieving among its over 1000 graduates. The Promise Program was selected as a Community Partner by the Host Committee for Super Bowl XL.


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In metropolitan Detroit, many "worlds" exist. That's great! But our metropolitan community needs to do a much better job of connecting racial, religious, socio/economic, and neighborhood comfort zones through personal, cross-cultural networking and relationship building.


Only then can it truly function as one "community." Indeed, it is essential that more metropolitan Detroiters develop a more encompassing sense of "community." The Promise Program is helping to do precisely that and, in the process, to change our world.


Private dollars from those who share our vision fund the Promise Program in its entirety. Neither participating students nor schools pay anything. Contributions are the life blood of this important, grass roots program. The balance of our website sets forth exactly how we change the lives of all who are touched by this truly remarkable program as well as how you can help.


Thank you for your interest and for supporting our program to the extent you can.


Generation of Promise Program

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Adam Hollier, 26, of Detroit completes his affidavit for candidacy for the 4th District Representative seat in the Michigan House of Representatives in the Wayne County Clerk Election Division office in the Coleman A. Young Municipal Building in Detroit on Monday, May 14, 2012. / May 14 photo by PATRICIA BECK/Detroit Free Press


This year’s Generation of Promise students were Tre’Von Harris ’13, Ben Kos ’13, and James Stewart ’13. Generation of Promise works with 17 member high schools whose diversity represents the various communities present in metropolitan Detroit. Each year, several juniors from each member school are selected to participate based on academic merit, leadership potential, and interest in community betterment.



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