1355 Oakman Boulevard - Detroit - Michigan 48238

Policy Statements

Students must adhere to the following program policies:

» Turn in your Forms!


All students must submit a permission slip, health and transportation forms signed by a parent or guardian before they will be allowed to participate in the program.


» Come to Retreat!


Participation at the orientation retreat is mandatory.


» Get your own Ride!


Students (and their parents) have the sole responsibility of securing transportation to and from the initial meeting sites of program events.


» Stay for the Duration!


Students cannot leave program sessions before their completion without the written request of a parent or guardian.


» Keep with the Program!


Activities are arranged so that you are in the constant companionship of other students and Generation of Promise facilitators who chaperone all program activities. You are requested to be invested and active in each of the program sessions.


» Don't miss Twice!


Students who miss more than one program session will be dismissed from the program, except in the case of emergency situations.


» Walk the Talk!


Upon completion of the program, students will be expected to develop and sign a contract for commitment to the betterment of the Detroit metropolitan area.

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